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Ans: Items can get damaged due to unforeseen circumstances like accidents or any natural disaster in the moving process.

Ans: On the declared value, which can be calculated easily with assistant of Field Officer.

Ans: Provide documents like transfer letter or joining letter and copy of RC book for your vehicle moving.

Ans: We have modeled specially designed Portable Home and Double Home Carrier.

Ans: Normally, one bedroom house takes three hours and so on.

Ans: Some possessions like pets, Liquids/Oils, inflammable items, pots will not be allowed to be loaded on to the vehicle.

Ans: We have special Vehicles to transport your car.

Ans: We have Quality Packing, Well Trained Manpower, Quality Packing Material, Portable Home, Perfect Box, Containerized Vehicle, 0% Transhipment, 24 hrs Helpline, Strong Customer Care.

Ans: Our inspector will assist you in the process and provide you the detail.

Ans: On the declared value of the articles which can be calculated easily with the assistance of the inspector.

Ans: Items can get damaged due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances like mishappening or any natural calamity in the moving process.

Ans: Normally, 150 sq ft. area takes 3-4 hours.

Ans: It depends on the volume of your consignment.

Ans: We normally carry the Car by Car Carrier which are specially build to carry cars only.

Ans: Some possessions like Pets, Liquids, Oils, Inflammable, Prohibited and Hazardous items.

Ans: In event of any damage or loss, it should be mentioned while signing the delivery acknowledgment receipt.

Ans: We recommend not to transport your plants as they die due to lack of water and sunlight in the process. However if you insist we will but on your risk.

Ans: Documents required for vehicles movement are photocopy of Vehicle Registration Certificate and Insurance, Original Emission / Pollution Certificate, Owner Self Declaration.


SRS Packers and Movers Payment Policy : SRS Packers and Movers offer the customer multiple payment options (Cash, Debit card, Credit card, Online Payment, Paytm, Phonepay Google Pay and other QR Code Payment) for their convenience. The customer is requested to make a payment only while confirming the order. The customer can choose ‘full payment’ or ‘part payment’ option while confirming the order.

A part payment is charged from the customer as ‘booking confirmation fee’. This is charged at a minimum of 10% of the Booking amount. The customer is required to pay the remaining amount of the order once the job is initiated. If the customer attempts to reschedule the relocation date, he will have to pay an additional charge based on the availability on the particular date and will not be adjusted and have to forgo the Deposit. If the customer cancels the job, the booking confirmation fee will not be refunded. If booking is cancelled within 7 days we might consider the Refund based on reasoning.


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