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Ans: Items can get damaged due to unforeseen circumstances like accidents or any natural disaster in the moving process.

Ans: On the declared value, which can be calculated easily with assistant of Field Officer.

Ans: Provide documents like transfer letter or joining letter and copy of RC book for your vehicle moving.

Ans: We have modeled specially designed Portable Home and Double Home Carrier.

Ans: Normally, one bedroom house takes three hours and so on.

Ans: Some possessions like pets, Liquids/Oils, inflammable items, pots will not be allowed to be loaded on to the vehicle.

Ans: We have special Vehicles to transport your car.

Ans: We have Quality Packing, Well Trained Manpower, Quality Packing Material, Portable Home, Perfect Box, Containerized Vehicle, 0% Transhipment, 24 hrs Helpline, Strong Customer Care.

Ans: Our inspector will assist you in the process and provide you the detail.

Ans: On the declared value of the articles which can be calculated easily with the assistance of the inspector.

Ans: Items can get damaged due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances like mishappening or any natural calamity in the moving process.

Ans: Normally, 150 sq ft. area takes 3-4 hours.

Ans: It depends on the volume of your consignment.

Ans: We normally carry the Car by Car Carrier which are specially build to carry cars only.

Ans: Some possessions like Pets, Liquids, Oils, Inflammable, Prohibited and Hazardous items.

Ans: In event of any damage or loss, it should be mentioned while signing the delivery acknowledgment receipt.

Ans: We recommend not to transport your plants as they die due to lack of water and sunlight in the process. However if you insist we will but on your risk.

Ans: Documents required for vehicles movement are photocopy of Vehicle Registration Certificate and Insurance, Original Emission / Pollution Certificate, Owner Self Declaration.

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